Library Policies

In order to provide library services to the community in a fair and consistent manner, the Library Board of Trustees establish the following policies.

Bulletin Board & Digital Display Policy
The Bulletin Board & Digital Display Policy provides guidelines for the sharing & distributing of appropriate informational resources in our limited space.

Circulation Policy
How to obtain a library card and using your library card. Other information details loan periods, library notices, etc.

Computer Internet Policy
Patron regulations for access to web based resources/information.

Conduct in the Library Policy
Norwalk Easter Public Library’s commitment to its users and its expectations of library users.

Confidentiality of Library Records Policy
The Confidentiality of Library Records Policy helps protect patron privacy and the confidentiality of library records.

Donation Policy 
Outlines the guidelines for physical and monetary donations.

Exam Proctoring Policy
The Exam Proctoring Policy provides guidelines for supporting students with proctored examinations.

Materials Selection Policy
Guides librarians selecting materials and informs the public about the principles of guiding material selection decisions.

Meeting Room Policy
Explanation of the use meeting spaces for library sponsored or co-sponsored programs, as well as possible availability for non-profit organizations. 

Mobile Hotspot Policy
The Mobile Hotspot Policy helps provide more access to information through mobile hotspot checkouts.

Registered Sex Offender Policy
Sex offender prohibitions and exceptions.

Statement of Concern of Library Materials is a form that an individual can complete and forward to the library director for consideration.

Safe Child and Dependent Adult Policy 
The Safe Child & Dependent Adult Policy concerns the safety of unattended children and dependent adults in the library.