2021 Reading Challenge

Norwalk Easter Public Library’s first year-long reading challenge will spark joy and discovery for readers of all ages. Our monthly challenges will explore new classics, long-forgotten childhood favorites, or have you step outside your comfort zone. Read books, earn prizes–it’s that easy!

Each month hosts three new themes and 5 grand prizes:

  • Read & submit 1 theme    = 1 small prize
  • Read & submit 2 themes  = 1 grand prize entry
  • Read & submit 3 themes  = 1 additional grand prize entry

(a total of 2 grand prize entries for completing all 3 themes per reader per month)

Entries can be made until midnight of the last day of the month. Prize drawings are done on the first of the month.

Choose one month or do them all!

See Challenges & Submit Entries Here

Thank you to our sponsors!

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